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Feeling inadequate as an engineer–that comes with the territory. The whole thing is designed to make you feel inadequate.

Ed Cherney » Friday Quote of the Week. » Friday Quote of the Week » Friday Quote of the Week.

You don’t listen to the equipment, you listen through the equipment.

– Bruce Swedien » Friday Quote of the Week » Friday Quote of the Week.

You have to consider the fact that the ear can process only three things at once. When you get to the fourth thing, the attention drops away somewhere.

– Jack Joseph Puig » Cleaning Up the Middle » Cleaning Up the Middle.

Our warmth is in the 100-500 Hz range. Warmth is NOT from the subs.

Lighthouse Collective – Good Friday at the Filmore

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To me, personally, mixing has very little to do with the actual console. It has everything to do with your ability to listen and then build an audio tapestry, first in your mind and then with the chosen tools. For the artist, the art exists here [pointing to head]. The canvas is just a place to display it. That’s the way mixing has to be for us.

– Robert Scovill » Friday Quote of the Week.